Nelson Wrap Dispenser

Stretch Film Suppliers


The Nelson Wrap Dispenser, NWD Betterwrapper, and NWD Little Nelson combined with these various stretch films producers offers one of the best combinations to achieve the greatest protection of your product to your customers. Save time, money, and your back!

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"Sigma Stretch Film produces the most reliable and consistent stretch films available in North America. Sigma Film offers the most complete range of both blown and cast hand films to fit your every need. Sigma Stretch film--the simple solution for all your stretch film needs" Sigma Stretch

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"Western Plastics ..Innovators in Industrial and Foodservice Products, a supplier through Distribution only. Western Plastics is the leader in 'cutting edge technology'. See Western Plastics for all your Specialty Products needs, including our line of coreless products, vented, printed and coloured films etc. Western Plastics is your main source for custom converted products. ...Stretch your profits with " Western Plastics.

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Looking far ahead while delivering now, Paragon Films is continually evolving stretch film worldwide to deliver products unparalleled in performance, value, quality and consistency. Over the years, our innovations have continually answered the call for more efficient, sustainable and economical stretch film products. For all your stretch film needs, choose Paragon Films.

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