Nelson Wrap Dispenser


At Nelson Wrap Dispenser Inc., we strive to make the safest and easiest hand held dispensers you will ever use. We have accomplished this by recognizing potentially harmful practices and ergonomic hazards in the workplace and have designed our wrap dispensers to reduce these hazards.

The dangers of traditional methods of wrapping skids are recognized by OSHA; as you can see, our unique wrapping system will solve most of the issues brought up in this OSHA study: OSHA review of pallet wrapping

“In my twenty years in the maintenance department I have witnessed back bending and dangerous procedures of wrapping skids. There had to be a better idea out there... There seems to be a missing link... The NWD is that key link; it saves time, money, and more importantly the back... This is truly a cost-effective tool for any company regardless of size. Thanks for developing this fine product.”

- Maintenance Forman
Sheet Metal Fabrication Corporation, NJ

What our customers are saying...

American Logistics
North American Logistics Company

"In my 29 years of experience in warehousing and distribution, the Nelson Wrap Dispenser is the best new product I have seen for this type of application. It has made us a more efficient facility, with its ease of operation. My people have been able to wrap twice as many skids in the same time frame as the old method. Since we have been using the Nelson Wrap Dispenser, which places no strain on the operators back, we have lost ZERO workdays due to workplace injury."

- Dan Gallagher
General Manager